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Elementary School


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The Elementary School CIC is open Monday through Friday, from 8:00-4:30.  After 4:30, the High School CIC becomes a PK-12 Community Space.  Elementary students and parents may use this community space at that time.  One Thursday each month we close the CIC at 3:45 when we have a school-wide full faculty meeting.  

We are also open most Saturdays from 8:30-12:30.  Please note we are closed on Saturdays that fall during school vacations and when students have 3-day weekends.  



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1.  We are always here to help you!  If you need any help, please ask anybody in the CIC staff!  We can recommend books, show you how to use online resources (including e-books!), talk about research, and more!  We are here for you!

2. Please use the downstairs door to come in and out of the CIC.  This is also where your check-out desk is.

3. Please enjoy your food and drink outside the CIC.  We have a counter inside the CIC where you can leave your water bottles and snacks.

4. You can keep library books for two weeks.  If you have any overdue books, please bring them back so you can take out new books.

5. We are open during break and recess!  If you would like to visit the library during break, recess, or another time during the school day, please ask your classroom teacher for a pass.

6. Students in preschool to grade five need to be supervised by a parent after school anywhere on campus, including the CIC.  However, students in grades four and five can use the CIC independently after school if they join the CIC After School Activity.  Please click here for more information:

CIC After School Activity

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Jeremy (Jet) Willette
Head Librarian and PK-8 Librarian

Peter Jacobson
High School Librarian


IT and Library Services will collaborate with and empower students and staff to transform curiosity, creativity and compassion into ideas or artifacts with personal, social, or global significance.