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You are in search for your next book (how exciting!) and do not know what to read.  Don't worry, we have over 35,000 books as well as some tips and links to help you!  

1. Make a list of all things you like reading or learning about.  What genres do you enjoy?  What are your hobbies?  Is there anything on that list you haven't been reading lately?  Maybe it's time to start catching up on those genres and topics!

2. Take a look at the books on display in the CIC!  We pick books that we think students might find interesting.  If you walk through the CIC and look at the displays, you might find something to read.

3. Try using the online book catalog as you come up with ideas.  You can even type in a genre and hit will get some great results.

4. Check on Destiny Quest to see book reviews made by other students.

5. Ask a friend for recommendations.

6. Ask your teacher or the CIC staff for recommendations.

7. If you are still stuck, try using some of the links below.



Looking for a great book to read? Need ideas about what to read next?  This page will help you do so!  Check out some of these cool recommendations!  Many of these recommendations are by other kids!

Book Recommendations! 



You might want to also check out the CIC's own picture book blogs!  All the books on these blogs are in the CIC!  These blogs show a new book each week.  One blog is to show our new books (arriving for the 2013-2014 school year) and the other is for books that have been a permanent part of our collection.  

You can comment on the blogs also!  Have you read any of the books on there?  Let us know and tell us what you think!

New Great Picture Books in the CIC!

Favorite Picture Books in the CIC!






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