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A "Just Right" book is one that is interesting to you and one that you can understand.  Here are some tips on finding a "Just Right" book!


Is it interesting?  

1. Look at the cover.  Does it look interesting?

2. Read the inside cover of the book.  Does it sound interesting?

3. Read the back cover of the book.  Does it sound interesting?

4. Look through the book at any pictures, chapter titles, or things you see.  Does it look interesting?


Will I understand this book?

1. Read the first full page of text.

2. Use the Five Finger Rule.  Whenever you come across a word you don't know, hold up a finger.

3. Check your results.  

0-1 Fingers: This book might be too easy 

2-3 Fingers: This book could be a Just Right Book!

4-5 Fingers: This book might be too hard



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Jeremy (Jet) Willette
Head Librarian and PK-8 Librarian

Peter Jacobson
High School Librarian


IT and Library Services will collaborate with and empower students and staff to transform curiosity, creativity and compassion into ideas or artifacts with personal, social, or global significance.